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From the President....

While feeling a bit sad about saying goodbye to summer and the list of all I hoped to accomplish, I am usually excited to return to school to welcome new and old faces, get back into a routine and begin to tackle new goals for myself and my students. These emotions are joined by a bit of fear and doubt – Will I be able to handle all that is on my plate? Will I have the time I need with my students? Can I keep up with the trends? Each year I pick a theme, and if I am really lucky there is a top hit to go along with it, something to align with and work toward. I haven't quite settled on 2020’s theme or theme song yet.

I’ve noticed a common theme surfacing in the school counseling arena. In this issue of RISCA News, we explore creative counseling techniques like bibliocounseling and EcoWellness. This year’s ASCA annual conference was centered around “Revolutionary Ideas” and hosted unique workshops such as “How to Organize a School Reality Fair, Breakout Boxes, and Escape Games.” Our upcoming RISCA fall conference is “Leading the Revolution with New Ideas.” Our profession is focused on innovative ways to move forward and meet the needs of today’s student, family and school.

Today’s students, officially identified as our Generation Z, are up to 24 years old. They are serious about education and by 2020 will represent a third of the population. In the Journal of College Admissions, Jim Paterson describes Gen Z’s as entrepreneurial and prone to move quickly and efficiently through life experiences – including college. They learn on their own, tend to be individualistic, and are even more attached to their phones that the rest of us! Rather than making our theme survival, let’s meet Generation Z where they are, and perhaps we can even get a little ahead of them.

Ocean State school counselors are ready to embrace creativity and lead our own revolution. We have a record number registered to attend RISCA’s annual conference and Leadership Delegate Assembly in Boston and three school counselors working in collaborative partnerships with the R.I. Department of Education. We are honored to recognize Rhode Island’s first deaf school counselor of the year, who now moves on to be considered for the national title, positioning him to be the first deaf school counselor to be nominated in the organization’s history.

Are you ready to join – or maybe lead – the revolution with us in Rhode Island? How might you take your practice to the next level to meet the needs of today's student?  And most of all, how do you advocate for your students by sharing your role and worth with stakeholders to ensure that comprehensive school counseling models are implemented in every Rhode Island district?

You can start small.
  • If you are not currently an ASCA member, join. ASCA provides a wealth of resources on almost any topic you can imagine. Use the ASCA National Model and Implementation Guide and take advantage of their informative webinars and self-paced online certifications through ASCA U.
  • Work with administrators to emphasize the importance of your professional development.
  • Register now and join your colleagues at the annual RISCA Fall Conference. Along with our keynote speaker Jill Cook, Assistant Director of the American School Counselor Association, this year’s conference will provide you with more time than ever to network with colleagues throughout the state.
  • Be on the lookout for networking sessions and workshops throughout the year or consider hosting a counseling meetup.
Let’s take advantage of our small size and connect so that we can revolutionize school counseling in Rhode Island.

With enthusiasm, I begin my own leadership revolution as incoming RISCA president. I hope to continue the great work of outgoing President Lori Lebrun with fellow school counselors as we take our profession to innovative and necessary new heights. I hope to see you on October 23 – and by then I hope I have picked my theme song!

Have an incredible year and be kind to yourself!

Lisa Tenreiro

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