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23-24 School Counseling PD

Thank you to MASCA for their inspiration in this Mentoring program

Coffee with Counselors starting in October!

Monday 10/9 Coffee with Counselors - Simple Merchant Coffee, 513 Broadway, Newport 9-10:30

Register Here

Professional Development

Click above for RIDE's Counselor PD page or use the links below to register for sessions.

Tuesday, Sept. 11 Elementary Level PD, 10 AM: Register Here

Wednesday 9/13 High School Level PD, 10 AM: Register Here

Wednesday 9/13 Middle School Level PD, 1 PM: Register Here

Thursday 10/12 ILP PLG 1-2:30 Register Here

Wednesday 10/25 Elementary Level PD 1-2 Register Here

Monday, November 6 ILP Support Session at the Warwick Public Library, Large meeting room, 9-12:30 Register here
This session is to offer technical support and best practices for schools as they implement their ILP Scope and Sequence
Monday 11/14 HS Level PD 10:00-11:00, Register Here, Middle School Level 1:30-2:30  Register Here
Tuesday 11/21 ASCA Work Session - Warwick Library - Large Meeting Room
Friday, December 8, Coffee With Counselors, Panera,  East Greenwich 9-10:30.  Register Here
Monday 12/4 Elementary Level PD 10:30 - 11:00, Register Here
Tuesday 12/12 ILP PLG, NEIT 12-2:30, Register Here
Monday, December 18, 2023, Coaching Session 9-12, TBD
Tuesday 1/9/24 10-11 Middle-Level PD, Register Here, 1-2 High School Level PD, Register Here
1/17 ASCA Work Session, 9-2:30, TBD
1/22 Monday ASCA Cohort 2 - NEIT
1/23 Tuesday ASCA Cohort 3 - NEIT
1/24 Wednesday ASCA Ramp - NEIT
Monday, February 5, 2024, Coaching Session 9-12, TBD
Thursday, March 7. 2024 ILP PLG 1-2:30, Register Here
Tuesday, April 9, 2024, Coaching Session 9-12, TBD
Wednesday, April 24, 2023, ILP PLG 1-2:30, Register Here
Monday, 5/20 ASCA Cohort 2 Training NEIT, East Greenwich
Tuesday, 5/21 ASCA Cohort 3 Training NEIT, East Greenwich
Wednesday, 5/22 ASCA RAMP Sessions, TBD
Friday, May 24, 2024, Coaching 9-12, TBD - Outcome presentations
Coffee with Counselors Coffee Depot Warren 9-10:30, Register Here 
Monday, June 3, 2024, Elementary Level PD 10-11, Register Here
Thursday, June 6, 2024, ILP PLG 1-2:30, Register Here

    For any questions, please contact onna.holland@ride.ri.gov 

    Click here to access the RIDE/ College Planning Center Financial Aid Forum.  This Forum is recorded in both English and Spanish

    RI Standards Crosswalk - A cross walk of the ASCA, SEL, Essential Skills, and Proficiency Standards.  A chart that aligns all the standards with links to each standard.

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